Terms and Conditions


Measures to limit risk due to Covid will be discussed when arraning your tutorial. This could include mask wearing, use of hand gel and distancing measures. It is imperitive that these guidlines are followed, failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the session without refund.


Weather cancellations:

The final decision on whether a session is cancelled or rearranged will be made by IYF. The session will be cancelled if  IYF feels that there is a significant danger to any participants due to poor weather.

If a winter session is arranged the client must be aware that the session may have to be cancelled or rearranged if IYF find the agreed location to be frozen, IYF feels that the banking of the chosen location is unsafe or that there is a significant danger in getting to the location due to poor driving conditions.

If IYF cancel a session due to weather then an appropriate and mutually convenient date will be agreed between both IYF and the client for the session to take place. A refund or replacement session will not be given on part or full payment if a client makes a decision not to turn up because of inclement but not dangerous weather.

If a session is suspended due to sudden dangerous weather, at the discretion of IYF, the lost time will be added on at the end of the session if possible. 



The subject of the intended session is displayed on the voucher, it is possible given reasonable notice to have the subject changed and replaced with a similar priced product at the discretion of IYF.

If a voucher has a specific date for the session it will be treated as any other booking.

Vouchers with validity dates may only be used between these dates, when redeeming vouchers it is important to contact IYF to arrange the session at least a month before the voucher is due to expire. IYF will do everything possible to arrange the session at a convenient time, however, IYF is normally booked up for around 4 to 6 weeks in advance so leaving reasonable notice to arrange a session is strongly advisable and failure to do so may result in the voucher becoming invalid.

Expired / invalid vouchers cannot be redeemed or transferred and refunds will not be given. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit.


Fishery rules:

IYF will end any session where a client continues to breach fishery rules and refunds will not be offered.

IYF has a strict, zero tolerance, policy to illegal drug taking and any suspicion that a client is taking illegal drugs will result in the termination of the session without refund. Alcohol in sensible amounts may be consumed on overnight sessions as long as this is in accordance with fishery rules.



If damages occur, in IYF's opinion, due to wilful or negligent actions the client will be expected to pay for the broken or damaged items to be replaced. However IYF fully understands that accidents happen and these will never be charged for.



A session date is only secured once a deposit or full payment is made. A deposit is 50% of the total price of the session and is agreed while booking the session. If full payment is made 50% of this will be seen as the deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and will be retained by IYF if a client cancels a session. If the client wishes to rearrange the date of a session and the session is less than 60 days away a fee of 50% of the total price must be made.


Refunds / Discounted sessions:

Refunds on sessions where the fishing has proven poor will not be given, however at the discretion of IYF a discounted session of the same type may be offered at an alternative date.



All participants must hold a valid Environment Agency rod licence. Under 12's do not require a licence / 12 to 16 year olds require a junior licence / 16 to 65 year olds require full licences / over 65 require a concession licence. Day / weekly / annual licences can be purchased from all Post Offices or on the Environment Agencies website. 


By arranging a session/voucher and or paying a deposit it is agreed that the client has read, understood and agreed to all Terms and Conditions.