Dad and Lad Days

Improve Your Fishing offers Dads and Lads (Mums and Sons, Dads and Daughters are of course very welcome too!) the chance to spend quality time together learning about coarse fishing. Improve Your Fishing's Dad and Lad days are all about the two of you learning together and fishing side by side. You can learn the basics and also move on to learn about specific techniques depending on the length and number of the sessions.

I believe there are great benefits to be had from the Dads and Lads fishing days, all the equipment, tackle and bait is provided meaning that you don't have to go to the expense of buying your own until you find it's the right hobby for both of you.   

Just turn up with a packed lunch!

All the hassle of setting up is left to me, I'll show both of you the best way to do it and select tuition locations based on my knowledge of the local area, so all you have to do is turn up with a packed lunch! In taking a couple of relaxed lessons the two of you can by-pass weeks or months of unsuccessful or frustrating outings and get right on with catching fish. I can also offer you unbiased advice on where and what to buy if you find that you are both keen to take up the sport more seriously. 

Fishing is a pastime that the two of you will be able to do together for the rest of your lives, it's one of the few sports in which a ten year old boy can compete equally against his dad or even grandad and one which can be passed on to other familly members.

Most Dads don't get the chance to spend enough time with their children these days and so when you get the chance it's worth making it memorable. A Dad and Lad tuition day with Improve Your Fishing gives you the chance to do that and come out of it with a good basic knowledge of a new hobby which you can both enjoy.

All sessions start at 8am, occasionally an afternoon start is also possible.


Dad and Lad


3 hours - £120 

5 hours - £170 

Weekend / Bank Holiday

3 hours - £150

5 hours - £210



Dad and two Lads (group of 3


3 hours - £150

5 hours - £220

Weekend / Bank Holiday

3 hours - £200

5 hours - £250



Family group (2 adults 2 children)


3 hours - £180


3 hours - £220