Pike Fishing Lessons

Pike fishing is extremely good fun, it's exciting and a big pike can set even the most experienced anglers heart thumping! There are simple principles to successful pike fishing, however getting these do's and don'ts wrong can be a painful experience to both the angler and fish. My pike fishing tutorials / pike fishing lessons give you the chance to learn the basics in predator fishing and eliminating these basic mistakes will give you the confidence to go out and really enjoy your pike fishing in future. My pike fishing tutorials / lessons run between October 1st and March 31st each year.

My pike fishing tutorials / lessons offer you the chance to learn about the basics of predator fishing and hopefully catch your first Pike. Like all of my angling tutorials your tackle, bait and day tickets are included in the price. We use the best quality equipment and baits from quality brands like Aqua Products, Cygnet Tackle, Shimano, Fox and Gardner.

Rig demonstrations and bait presentation

Your pike fishing lessons will be an introduction to the sport and include discussions and demonstrations on bait, what to use and when to use it as well as how to hook and present the bait to the pike in the most effective way. Rigs will be demonstrated and I can show you how to tie them safely. We will discuss fish safety and how to unhook and handle pike properly. Plus much more including tales of uncaught monsters and legends of disappearing dogs and the like.

I can offer a series of sessions covering float and legering techniques with dead baits and lure fishing with discussions and demonstrations on casting technique, how to cover most water and lure selection.

A typical session: We usually meet at around 7:50am and get on to the waterside by 8am. A single angler will use two rods baited with deadbaits, one on a legered set up and the other on a float fished presentation. We will discuss bite indiction, bait presentetion and bait selection, tackle choice, rig / trace tying, safe fish handling, unhooking and photography and much more. During the day you will have access and use of a spinning or lure rod* and lots of different lures. We will discuss casting technique, safety aspects, various styles of retrieve and angling tactics. It's always difficult to guarantee how many fish will be landed during a session and occassionally blank sessions do occasionally happen, however these are rare. I provide comprehensive shelter from the winter weather as well as plenty of hot drinks throughout the day. The day usually ends at around 4pm.

*Dependant on fishery rules, as is the option to fish using live baits - this should be discussed whilst arranging a booking.

My pike fishing lessons / tutorials are aimed at the angler who has fished a little before and already has basic fishing skills, however beginners and young people are also very welcome. You will need to dress for the weather forecast, have your own Environment Agency rod licence and bring a packed lunch and a cup! Previously anglers on this type of day have brought cameras and note pads inorder to fully benefit from the day.

Improve Your Fishing has access to some of the best and most prolific pike fishing waters in the North West including a few secret locations! My chosen venues allow anglers the choice of fishing from right behind their car or being a bit more intrepid! All chosen locations hold pike of various sizes. I run pike fishing lessons from October until March each year with a typical one to one day session of around 8 hours (depending on light and location) costing around £150.




All sessions are 8 hours - usually 8am to 4pm.

For one person - £150 (a non-fishing parent can accompany a young angler at no added cost)

For two people - £200

For three people - £250


Weekend / Bank Holiday

For one person - £200 (a non-fishing parent can accompany a young angler at no added cost)

For two people - £250

For three people - £300



Winter pike fishing lessons

Andy's first pike

Michael's birthday pike!


Bridget double figure pike


Dad and lad pike days


John's 14lb pike