Coarse Fishing Lessons

Coarse fishing and the fishing tackle shop can be daunting to the new angler or the angler who hasn't fished in a while. My coarse fishing lessons can help you to gain confidence and a little experience and generally improve your fishing. I can help you to catch your first fish or polish up those forgotten skills from your childhood! If you are already reasonably experienced in angling but are looking to learn a new method or style of coarse fishing I can help too.

I provide all of the tackle, bait, fishery tickets and tuition during the session. However, the tackle we use is readily available from numerous local tackle shops on the high street and online and I'm happy to advise you on what you need to start fishing or with regard to a specific method. If you would like a little guidance on your own tackle you are always welcome to bring it along on your tutorial. I can also arrange that we meet at a local tackle shop and I can guide you on the items of tackle required for a specialist session.

My coarse fishing tutorials run during the warmer months of the year - I take bookings throughout the year for sessions to be held between the 1st  April and the 15th October each year.

I work with young and "not so young" anglers and sometimes all of us like a little moral support and so if you have a non-angling guest who you would like to come along with you that's no problem at all.

Tailored Lessons

I can offer tailored lessons which will include various aspects of angling on a variety of waters. I will happily build a course which will suit your level of knowledge, whether it’s the first time you’ve ever been fishing and want to catch your first fish or you are eager to take up the sport again after a number of years away from it.

Lesson options:

Beginner taster sessions: If you haven't fished before and you're interested in having a go then a taster session is the one for you. Maybe your son or daughter has come home from school asking to go fishing? A taster session gives you the option to try fishing or allow the budding angler in your life to try fishing without going to the expense of buying your own kit. I provide everything you will need including tackle, bait and fishery tickets. A taster session are usually 2 or 5 hours long, depending on the age of the participants. We will cover the basics with the emphaisis being on having fun!

Day long sessions: A day long session typically starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm. During a day session we can cover various styles and tactics, we could, for instance, fish traditional methods in the morning like the waggler float or the open end swimfeeder and then have a short lunch break and then fish modern "commercial" methods such as the pellet waggler and the method feeder in the afternoon. This type of day gives you around two hours fishing each of four methods which in my opinion gives you lots of confidence and options for your fishing in future. Alternatively if there are only one or two methods that you'd like to concentrate on we can do that in much more depth.

Species specific day session: If you are interested in float fishing for tench in the early summer or looking to catch a beautiful golden crucian carp, I can show you the way I do it. I have a flexible outlook and if there is another species that you are looking to target in a certain way I'll always do my best to help you do that too.

"Mr Crabtree" day session: I have recently obtained permission to fish an overgrown, forgotten about lake. The lake holds some very old tench, bream and a few carp. This day involves a very early start, traditional styles of fishing and is a throw back to what fishing was like all those years ago.

In all of my sessions I pride myself on offering patient, passionate and informed tuition in a relaxed atmosphere. I love fishing and to me it's great fun, I want you to feel the same way.  


1 to 1 prices

£55 for 2 hours

£85 for 5 hours

£120 for 8 hours. 




I also offer special discounted prices for groups / birthday parties etc.



Harry - beginners days


Pairs days


Graham, Tench and Crucian float fishing day